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Welcome to beautiful Sifnos...


The complex Armonia Studios consists of 5 rooms and is located in Apollonia, the capital of the island. Is surrunded by a beautiful green garden that gives to the rooms the views of green and the freshness of nature. Armonia Studios are situated in a prime location which combine the direct access to the center of Apollonia, while also the peace and the views of sea that the permanet residents enjoy in daily bases.

Our rooms are fully renovated and harmoniously combined with the Cycladic element that overpowers throughout Sifnos, this island gives you one more reason to feel that you are on vacation in the heart of the CycladesAll rooms enjoy the hospitality of the hosts, who will gladly give you the necessary instructions for your tour in Sifnos to plan the perfect vacation for you.




The MHTE number of Armonia Studios is 1172Κ112Κ0892300